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The BARE Manifesto

The BARE Manifesto is an inspiring statement about your body, your life, and the amazing potential you hold inside. Print this out. Frame it. Hang it above your bed, desk, or bathroom mirror. Girlfriend, you’re unstoppable.


The BARE Hunger Scale

Do you wait until you’re completely starving, and then you eat too quickly, overdo it, and feel uncomfortably stuffed afterward? Ugh. That never feels good.

The BARE Hunger Scale is a visual tool that helps you eat in a more balanced way, choosing just the right amount of food for your body—not too little, not too much.


The BARE Body-Love Scale

When you intensely dislike your body, it can be tough to imagine ever “loving” your body. Tolerating, maybe. Liking, possibly. But loving? That may seem like a big stretch.

The BARE Body-Love Scale is a visual tool that helps you understand how you currently feel about your body, and how you can move just a little closer towards love. It might not happen overnight. But you can get there.


Power Food and Pleasure Food

Power Food is nutritious food that gives you strength and energy (veggies, healthy fats, lean protein, etc). Pleasure Food is not particularly nutritious but it’s totally fun (cupcakes, ice cream, potato chips, etc.)

BARE philosophy: you can have both types of food every day, in whatever proportion feels good for your body. Nothing is off limits.

Coming Soon

The Pleasure List

A list of simple pleasures. Coming soon.

Coming Soon

GO! Podcast

Susan Hyatt hosts another podcast called GO! New episodes drop every Monday. Here are a few special GO! episodes where Susan dives into food, health, and body-related topics.

– Is food the only “fun” part of your day?

– What feels most like “love”?

– The worst weight loss advice ever.

– How to stop overeating at parties and social events.

– Weight, fear, love, and the holidays.

– Food should not be confusing.

– Why “cheat days” are really dumb.

– It’s 5 minutes either way.

Everything Else

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BARE Book Club Guide

Are you in a book club or want to start a book club?⁣ We created a really thoughtful and easy to use BARE bookclub guide for peeps who want to read BARE with their bookclub friends.⁣


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