Life Coaching for Parents


“‘Question of the Day: “What do I say when my daughter says she’s fat or talks negatively about her body?’ I’ve been asked this question many times over the years. Because I’ve been teaching sex education since the dawn of time, people assume I also know how to answer questions about body image, but it really isn’t my area of expertise. To help me answer this question, I’ve called in my colleague Susan Hyatt…”

BARE #everydamnday


Susan joins Sara Dean of The Shameless Mom Academy to discuss emotional eating, body love, quitting diet culture, smashing the patriarchy, the power of joy and pleasure, radical self-love and so much more.

Baring It All


Susan and Heath discuss how to figure out who you really are and what you want, why it’s important to bare it all, and implementing changes and setting boundaries.

How Your Weight is Impacting Your Earnings

Online Article

Read on for expert coaching advice on how to pursue your goals without fear…and get more of what you want, whether its more money, more clients, or more free time.

How To Get Confident + Create The Life You Crave


Susan joins Marie on the Grind and Be Grateful podcast. The two ladies discuss confidence, clarity, connection, influence, and much more.

The Elegant Warrior


Heather Hansen of The Elegant Warrior podcast hosts Susan to discuss how to add pleasure to your day, eat with attentiveness, and detox your mind.

Defeating Self-Sabotage


Susan joins the ladies of Lean the F*ck Out podcast to discuss how you can take yourself further as a business owner by defeating self-sabotage through self-love, body positivity, finding what gives you pleasure, and quitting things that deprive you of that pleasure.

You Are Not What You Eat


Jen Glantz, of the You’re Not Getting Any Younger podcast, and Susan chatted about the power of diets and how they can get too messy, how to get over feeling guilty about what you’ve eaten, and ways to be nicer to your body and your soul.

Creating Your Best Life


Susan joins the Live Happy podcast to look at how the way we approach making changes has a lot to do with how successful those changes are. Whether it’s losing weight, changing jobs or committing to healthier relationships, she’ll give you a new way of thinking about creating your best life.

Miami Local 10 News

TvVideo Interview

Susan guest stars on Miami’s Local 10 News to spread the BARE message with the Florida viewers.

Aspire Magazine Praise for BARE


BARE is featured in Aspire Magazine’s “Top 10 Inspiring Books List”

Self-care = Key Ingredient


Farnoosh of the So Money Podcast hosts Susan to talk about BARE and how self-care is the key ingredient to actually overcoming your obstacles and pursuing your passions.

BARE It All: Power To The Pussy


Soul in the Raw hosts Susan to talk diet culture, taking up space, and changing the conversation about women’s bodies.

Get the Body You Want + Make Pleasure a Priority


Susan joins Liz Carlile to discuss how to ditch the dieting mindset, make pleasure a part of every day, and truly love yourself.

Getting BARE


Susan joins Michelle to talk practical ways you can transform your personal life and your business.

Get the Body and Life You Want


Susan and Lori dive deep into how life, goals, and personal happiness are really running parallel to our thoughts and how we care for ourselves.

Susan Guests on Episode 62 of Leveling Up: Creating Everything From Nothing with Natalie Jill


In this episode, Susan explains how she LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING FROM NOTHING. They discuss how to get more of whatever you want, how you’re able to tap into more luck, why baring it all helps upgrade your mental and physical health, and how to create more confidence.

Susan on the Whiskey & Work Podcast


It is said that in order to diet, you need willpower to be successful, but Susan has a different philosophy. Women have more than enough willpower with everything they take on every single day, what’s missing is actually pleasure. It’s scientifically proven that the more pleasure you have, the better you feel.

Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family Hosts Susan Hyatt


Susan sat down with Home & Family hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison to discuss pleasure over willpower, losing weight without dieting, and the BARE Method.

The Importance of Loving Yourself

Video Interview

Susan and Amanda Jane Daley join in a video interview to talk through how and why BARE became what it is today.

Sunny in Seattle


Sunny in Seattle hosts Susan to discuss the BARE tour and what the book buzz is all about.

Loving Your Body, Getting Healthy


Susan and Sarah dive into everything from diets, to eating the foods that make us feel powerful, to how to enjoy exercise!

How to be unstoppable


Sometimes all we need is a good pep talk. Susan joins Cecelia and Nat and discusses how we can have it ‘all’ with the right approach. This will have you feeling happier, healthier and better.

Mindset Hacks to Transform Your Body and Your Life


Susan joins JJ Virgin on her Lifestyle Show to discuss how changing your mindset can transform your life.

Love The Skin You’re In


Susan and Bruce Langford talk BARE and body love. Have a listen!

Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour


Susan joins Lesley Jane Seymour to discuss how to begin a love-your-body reinvention.

Real Talk with Rachel Luna


Real Talk with Rachel Luna hosts Susan to talk pleasure vs. willpower. You’ll find out more about the BARE Coach Certification, the BARE book, and much more.

Own it All podcast


Susan sits down with Andea Isabelle Lucas to discuss owning your health and maintaining self care.

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting


Val Warner at Windy City Life hosts Susan to discuss pleasure over willpower, getting rid of things that don’t spark joy, the BARE Process, and so much more.

Parade Magazine


BARE joins 9 other go-to life-changing books on Parade Magazine’s recent article.

Expat Happy Hour


Susan joins host Sundae Bean of Expat Happy Hour to discuss body mentality and the BARE mindset.

Medical girl Mystical world:Manifest that Sh*t!


Dr. Julia hosts Susan on Medical girl Mystical World to talk about menofesting your best life and how BARE came to be.

On Purpose with Alex Beaden:EP/047


Susan guest stars on Alex Beaden’s On purpose podcast to discuss living a richer life and the release of Bare.

Channel14 News: BARE Tour Kickoff


Channel 14 News stops by Susan’s Bare Tour Kickoff party in Indiana Saturday night(2/16/19).

Local Lifestyle with Ange Humphrey


Susan joins Ange Humphrey on Evansville, Indiana’s WEHT Local Lifestyles to discuss all things BARE.