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Tired of feeling stressed, exhausted, and disappointed with your body? Feel like all the “body drama” is holding you back from having the life you really want? You’re not alone—and it’s time for an exciting new chapter to begin.

Join host Susan Hyatt for an empowering, feminist take on mental and physical health, body image, confidence, and complex topics like binge-eating, weight gain, and weight loss.

Learn how to take excellent care of your body (even if you’re really busy), how to fall in love with exercise (yes, really), how to de-stress, sleep better, build energy, and feel stronger every day.

Each episode will leave you feeling powered up, proud to be a woman, and ready to take on the world.


Listeners are saying...

Subscribe to this podcast immediately! I am about to devour it! I love Susan. I’ve known her for 7 years and I am telling you she walks her talk. Her belief in the power of pleasure is everything. Listen on repeat until you can believe it for yourself.

Sarah Yost

For any woman out there, this information is priceless in helping us get unstuck, helping us find JOY again & helping us to LOVE our bods. I know it’s amazing… because I’ve already listened to EVERY EPISODE <3 Maybe put that Netflix binge on hold for a mo-mo & binge on this good stuff <3 xo


Susan is a force to be reckoned with for sure. I can‒t get enough of her. Her BARE steps are small yet critical things to make big shifts in your life, reframe your thoughts, love your body and live your best life !


I can’t get enough of Susan’s work! She is real, honest, and knows her stuff. I always feel like we’re BFFs hanging out, swapping stories, and inspiring each other! I have already listened to each episode twice. I can’t wait for the next season!

Tahoe Girl

I can‒t put into words how wonderful these podcasts have positively effected my life. Susan thinks outside of the box, is honest, fun, challenges old fashioned thought processes. It is inspirational and life changing!

Stacy Cullen

There’€™s an inexhaustible list of options to choose from re learning body positivity or the big kahuna: weight loss. Susan Hyatt’s BARE method is one to move to the top of your list. You may hear other people talk about body image, but they won’t be Susan Hyatt! Not only does she walk, run, and joyously live her talk, she breaks it down in a way that‒s accessible, engaging and €œI want what shes having!€ doable! Listen. Subscribe. Share.

Deal Queen

Susan Hyatt is a fierce role model for women. Just from just listening to these podcasts (on repeat) I started to take the shackles off from my own life. I listen to Susan first thing in the morning and she inspires me to “slay this day! Thank you to Susan and her message that we are all already fierce women, forces to be reckoned with, and to not allow the world to continue telling me that I’m not.


From the very first episode of the Bare Podcast, you will feel motivated, inspired, and ready to take action and begin the journey of loving your body and your life! Susan Hyatt helps you to feel hopeful, determined, and confident. Give yourself the gift of listening to this podcast! You mind, body and spirt will thank you!


On days when I’m not feeling so great, Susan’s words are like both a balm to my soul – and a kick in the pants. This podcast is SO inspirational. A must-listen for every woman who wants to transform her life – and her relationship to her body.

Theresa Reed

Everyone needs a Susan Hyatt in their life. She’s the spirited, wise, loving (the truly kind, whole-hearted kind that can just as easily dole out the honest, tough love when needed), let’s-have-fun-AND-let’s-get-these-dreams-DONE woman that you wish were a sister or your best friend so you could have her on speed dial on the daily…and that’s what is so awesome about this podcast. You can have Susan and her life-giving, life-altering energy in your ear and in your life anytime you want, on demand! I love anything Susan creates and her BARE podcast is no exception, but it is exceptional.


I grew up with a mother with significant body issues and Bulimic. I alway rejected this concept of self loathing yet was completely ridiculed for my red hair, freckled face, flat chest, the back brace that prevented me from wearing the oh-so-chic Sasoon jeans. Trust me when I tell you Susan is ONTO it – the mental stuff we do to ourselves – NO MORE. Live large, be you and love your own skin! Thank you Susan for encouraging all the beauty we each possess!Xoxo


Susan Hyatt!!! Amazing and powerful podcasts..loved every single one of them! I cannot wait for the next season!!!


Susan is seriously the bomb.com. No joke. I have known her for almost 10 years and she is real, she is helpful, she is a thoroughly awesome human being. Subscribe now!


I’ve worked with Susan on and off for a few years and the thing that keeps me coming back is her authenticity. She is centered and clear, not afraid, intuitive and her out-spoken support of women of all ages to stand in their own power is contagious.

Laurie Swanson

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No more shrinking. No more hiding.

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