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Kimberly Castle

BARE Certified Coach! International Cover Girl including Oxygen Magazine, FitnessRX and Maxim. Published best selling author of The Pretty-Fit Lifestyle. 2X Ms. Canada Globe.

Kimberly Castle’s weight and fat loss success story has been featured on the cover of Oxygen Magazine and in Fitness RX for Women just to name a few. Today she is a successful life coach, fitness and bikini model but in her early 30’s Castle was overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. Armed with the decision change her health for the better this Ms. Canada Globe lost 40+ pounds and entered her first fitness competition. The empowering experience launched Castle into the health and fitness industry and has gained her the respect of countless fans and professionals.​

Kimberly is a certified BARE coach, certified personal trainer, sports nutrition adviser, a health and wellness life coach, is a national level figure/bikini competitor in Canada and the USA, Ms. Canada Globe, and today works to promote a healthy lifestyle to women around the world with her best selling book, The Pretty-Fit Lifestyle.

​Castle has unveiled that the secret to long lasting weight loss is that there is no secret. A commitment to your health in mind and body will help you achieve your fitness goals. Having been in search of the secret herself, she found Susan Hyatt and the BARE program, Castle realized only she had control over her eating and workout habits. With a hectic travel schedule, fitness and eating properly is incorporated into her days with a bit of planning.

​Kimberly Castle was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She graduated with her diploma in Interior Design from Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta. She has her NCIDQ Certification, is a certified personal trainer a sports nutrition adviser and weight-loss coach. Castle currently lives in Dallas, TX.

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Patricia Craighead

Who do you most want to work with?

I work with women who have had personal goals and dreams for many years but have not been able to see those goals and dreams become reality. She is feeling greatly overwhelmed by the mountain of responsibility produced by taking care of the family, or maybe a caregiver for a mentally ill or physically disabled family member. She’s keeping the pets happy, maintaining a career, or even daily concern for her own mental or physical impairment. She may be overloaded with the drama of life’s circumstances, feeling left behind which can cause hopelessness, despair and self neglect. She needs enthusiastic support and encouragement to revitalize and recreate the lifestyle changes necessary to enjoy her dream life, achieve goals and maintain high levels of self care.

What is unique to you that you bring to the BARE process?

I have lived all over the U.S., the North, South, East and West. I have traveled internationally and always interacting with the locals. One thing rings true for women everywhere: we all are seeking connection and to be cherished and respected. Women want to know and feel that they have made a difference in their world. We have sought to discover our identity and purpose through our parents, spouses, children, friends, careers, churches, community institutions, and other places and things. I have searched, too, and I have found that it all comes together as I connect with myself. I nurture myself and take care of my needs. I accept and cherish myself. The journey to a destination of self discovery is available to us all——-let’s travel that path together using BARE principles, life experiences and love.

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