Get Certified as a BARE Coach & Help other Badass Women Do the same!

  • Do you want to help girls and women stop dieting and break the cycle of body image issues?
  • Are you passionate about helping women and girls to feel confident, brave, and powerful?
  • Does it break your heart when you see women struggling with food, body image, and self esteem issues?
  • Would you like to learn new tools to help women upgrade their mental and physical health—and transform their lives?

If you answered yes to any of the above. I’ve got you Boo!Add the one-two punch of body positive-methodology +boss babe business building tools to your coaching business – established OR new – with BARE Coaching Certification.


SIGN ME UP SUSAN! I'm ready To help Women get BARE!
Live Online Program

What's So Awesome about BARE Coaching certification?

Bare Coaching certification teaches the effective and life-changing trademarked BARE process, and that’s not all! This 6-month course also gives you top-notch business training and a whole arsenal of brand new tools and strategies you can use to help other women discover how to be happy in the skin they’re in.

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You'll Learn How to:

  • Make your health a top priority even when life feels very busy.
  • Build more self esteem, pride, and confidence from sources that have nothing to do with your weight or how you look.
  • Create a healthier relationship with food, no longer using food as a way to “numb out” and avoid uncomfortable feelings.
  • Find your inner athlete and create a consistent fitness routine that’s all about feeling strong and celebrating what your body can do, not punishing yourself for what you ate yesterday.
  • Detox your mind, learning to identify and release self-sabotaging thoughts.
  • Infuse life with more pleasure (pleasure from music, books, art, being in nature, physical touch, etc.) and how pleasure directly impacts your mood, energy levels, hormones, even your digestion and metabolism.
  • Start leading a bigger, more expansive life. No more hiding, shielding, covering up, or making yourself quieter and smaller to appease others.
  • Do all of these things... yourself! (You get to walk your talk and practice what you preach!)
About Susan

Susan Hyatt specializes in helping women get more of whatever they want-whether it’s money, more media recognization, more pleasure, more passion or more time to pursue meaningful goals. Her Second book, Bare is a must-read book if you want to take excellent care of yourself, upgrade your mental and physical health, build confidence, conquer your goals, crush the patriarchy and look and feel damn good doing it. Bare is not a weight-loss plan.It’s life-gain plan.


Learn From The Best –
Author & Master certified Life Coach Susan Hyatt.

In this book, Susan Hyatt shares her personal story of weight
gain, weight loss, diet hell, body drama, and her journey to
health, happiness, and liberation—and how she decided to try
the most radical thing of all: treating her body like a friend.


Here's What's included In This Live, Knock-Your-Socks-Off Certification

This live certification program is completely online. Study from your home, office, hotel room, or wherever you might be.

The 6-month curriculum includes 24 live interactive video classes on Zoom. Plus over 40 hours of independent study and supervised practice coaching sessions. Classes are taught by Susan Hyatt, creator of the BARE process, as well as inspiring faculty members.

What makes this program unique is that you’re not just studying the BARE process. You’re also studying the business side of coaching— including how to develop your own unique coaching programs,market yourself, and find clients consistently.

Everything you need to launch your brand new coaching practice—or grow your existing practice,
clinic, or business.

3 months of online training focused on the BARE process—the philosophy behind this process, how to apply it to your own life, and howto teach this process towomen and girls.

$7,499 Value

3 months of online training on the business of coaching—including how to find clients, how to market yourself in creative ways, how to decide how much to charge for your services, and more.

$7,499 Value

40 hours of independent study and supervised practice coaching.

$1,499 Value

A private 1-hour consultation with Susan Hyatt, creator of the BARE process.

$1,249 Value

Pre-written promotional materials, photos and logos that you can use on your website, blog, social media pages, and e-newsletters to let people know, “Exciting news: I’m a Certified BARE Coach!”

$499 Value

Pre-written intake forms, worksheets, and feedback / testimonial forms to use with your new coaching clients.

$499 Value

Your name, website and email address featured in a list of Certified BARE Coaches on this website,so that new clients can find you.

Value: Priceless

Upon completing the certification program, you will eligible to be hired for a paid coaching position in BARE DAILY, an online membership community.

Value: Priceless
Praise for BARE

Amy English

BARE helped me to wake up and realize that I have the power within to love myself, and I don’t
need another diet to do that. I learned that it’s okay to be big (this is helping my business BIG
time) and I can love the skin I am in now. I don’t need anyone’s acceptance or approval to be
the real me. I can stop hiding me and my body. BARE had a huge role in helping me to end my
pattern of emotional eating by practicing the mindful eating tools. It’s been an amazing ride to

Belinda Smith

The BARE message is one of the most important messages in society today. Period. As a
disabled woman—a woman whose body cannot physically match what society says it should
look like—I spent a lifetime trying to hide my body, trying to keep everyone else from feeling
uncomfortable around me, and attempting to manage my shame around it. BARE has
absolutely set me free, and I want to empower every single other woman who has dealt with
anything even close to what I have to STOP IT. We are fearfully and wonderfully made no
matter the shape or size. It’s time for us to treat ourselves with love and respect.

Sharon M. Kelley, M.D.

Susan Hyatt changed my life. What happens when you stop shaming yourself about your
perceived faults and instead decide to embrace your wonderful imperfect messy self? The life
you were meant to live slowly peeps through and sees the light of day. Susan’s work is not a
quick fix. It is a journey that takes commitment and love, but it will change and improve the
trajectory of your life!

Brooke Forhan

The BARE Method changed my entire life trajectory. Picture a woman with a husband and three
kids staying up on the phone surfing the web for the latest diet craze. For some quick solution to
make me feel young and worthy again. Something that would make me feel like I was worthy of
my husband’s attention. Now picture a woman who now eats the foods she enjoys and doesn’t
hide from herself or the world anymore. The first woman in the picture? Me. Who can eat a meal
and not whine about it AT ALL? Me. Guess who has lost weight and kept it off? Me. Guess who
is turning her husband’s head with her new attitude about life? Me. Guess who started her OWN
BUSINESS?????? ME!!!!
Everything changed the day I found Susan and the Bare Method and ladies, I have never
looked back!


There are no prerequisites for this certification program. If you are
passionate about health, wellness, and empowering women, then
you’re welcome to enroll.

You can enroll because you want to launch a beautiful new career.
Or—like many BARE coaches have done in the past—you can enroll
because you already work in the wellness industry (for instance, as a
life coach, counselor, therapist, nurse, physician, naturopath,
physical therapist, yoga or fitness instructor) and you want to gain
new tools to help your clients even more.

Yes I'd like To Apply Now!
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The next certification program begins on 10/16/19.

Total investment: $8,997


We'll go over your application and you'll receive an email with your next steps to reserve
your spot with your payment plan options or we'll ask for a little more info.

What happens after you’ve completed the program?

Once you’ve completed all of your coursework, you’ll receive your official framed certificate in the mail.

You can use your new certification however you want. You can work with clients one-on-one, work with clients in groups, lead workshops, classes, and retreats, design a BARE-inspired corporate wellness program, teach the BARE process to high school or college students, or whatever you feel called to do.


Send a note to support@shyatt.com and ask anything that’s on your mind. Thanks for your interest!

It's Time

No more waiting. No more covering up.
No more shrinking. No more hiding.

The BARE book is here! Order the book now or pre-order the audiobook read by Susan herself!