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  • You want to feel more peaceful around food. No more dieting. No more overeating. Just enjoying healthy, satisfying meals without any drama.
  • You’ve been feeling tired, feeling blah, feeling uninspired, or feeling disconnected from your body lately. You want things to shift.
  • You want to get some healthy new habits going and stick with things consistently, long-term, not just for a few days or weeks.
  • You want to take better care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself, every day.
  • Sometimes, you wish you had more female friends who are into health, wellness, empowermenvt, personal growth, and body-positivity. Friends who support each other instead of competing. Friends who go after exciting goals instead of making excuses.

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I used to feel unhappy with my body, I felt I didn’t deserve to be loved until getting a certain size... until I found BARE!I began to appreciate me and my life, lost ALL the extra weight without doing ANY diet, just taking care of my body gently…. it felt really like love, not punishment... BARE really changed my life. THANK YOU Susan Hyatt!!

Margarita Castillo

The BARE Method changed my entire life trajectory... Guess who has lost weight and kept it off? Me. Guess who is turning her husband’s head with her new attitude about life? Me. Guess who started her own business???? ME!!!! Everything changed the day I found Susan and the BARE Method and ladies, I have never looked back!

Brooke Forhan

The BARE message is one of the most important messages in society today. Period. As a disabled woman—a woman whose body cannot physically match what society says it should look like—I spent a lifetime trying to hide my body, trying to keep everyone else from feeling uncomfortable around me, and attempting to manage my shame around it. BARE has absolutely set me free, and I want to empower every single other woman who has dealt with anything even close to what I have to STOP IT. We are fearfully and wonderfully made no matter the shape or size. It’s time for us to treat ourselves with love and respect.

Belinda Smith

BARE helped me to wake up and realize that I have the power within to love myself, and I don’t need another diet to do that. I learned that it’s okay to be big (this is helping my business BIG time) and I can love the skin I am in now. I don’t need anyone’s acceptance or approval to be the real me. I can stop hiding me and my body. BARE had a huge role in helping me to end my pattern of emotional eating by practicing the mindful eating tools. It’s been an amazing ride to freedom….

Amy English

I was 54 and newly divorced when I was finally able to be fully present in my body and show up in a new intimate relationship without cover or a dark room. BARE did that for me. It broke down all the mind crap and taught me how to really embrace who I was and bring pleasure into every area of my life. Comfortable in my own skin doesn’t even begin to cover it. I shed all the wasn’t serving me and was left with something magnificent, ME.

Mary Vernal

BARE empowered me to lay down my defenses and starting living my life unafraid and unashamed of who I am, what I want, and what I was called to do in this world. It hasn’t just changed my life, it has changed the lives of everyone I serve and love everyday. Hands down the best decision I ever made.

Caroline Greene

BARE helped me find my way again after struggling through the first few years of motherhood, a move to a lackluster location, and a career change. I've reconnected with my body and my power as a woman - both things I didn't realize I was even missing.

Tressa B.

Bare has helped me to fully appreciate myself instead of totally denigrating and hating on myself on a daily basis. Self love, appreciation, confidence, the ability to lovingly say fuck off to all the things and circumstances that do not serve me - including the CEO who called me a whore- remember that guy, I can barely remember his name ( no pun intended!) I love myself now, I like who I am! before I could hardly stand to look at myself, let alone shine a light and celebrate all my good stuff. It’s also connected me to a truly amazing group of women , who support, cheerlead and love each other like nowhere else I have experienced

Tamsyn Hawkins

You know how much I've struggled getting dressed up in the past. How much I've struggled to find something to wear that fits (let alone that I love!) and how much I've struggled to feel good while wearing said dress. Well, I want you to know how easy it was for me to find a dress for the party I had last night. I want you to know that trying on dresses that didn't fit well didn't send me into a downward spiral of negativity. I was able to keep shopping until I found the perfect dress...one that I LOVE. And I want you to know that I felt 100% happy in my own skin last night. I was able to have fun with my friends and enjoy dancing. Last night I felt true happiness. I realize that I'm the one that's done a lot of work over the last couple of years, but you must know how grateful I am for YOU teaching me how to love myself and my body. I couldn't have done it without you and I am forever grateful to you for being by my side as I've grown! I love you so much!

Jen Levin

Susan Hyatt’s BARE Daily program has been an inspiration and anchor for me as I have wrangled with body consciousness and self-esteem. Sick of diets but also feeling disconnected from my body, the program with its repeating set of 7 week by week themes, encouraged and supported me in building a structure that recalibrated that relationship and helped me celebrate the present. It’s about cracking the code of body and self-consciousness. The supportive private Facebook community, which includes the BARE coaches who have been in the journey too, means others are sharing their ideas and experiences with you along the way. Susan’s leadership and community are nurturing and fun. It’s about awareness and discovery, and kindness to yourself and others, not grinding commitment, impossible goals, or false promises. Joining in and joining with yourself. It’s about being, consistently, not doing. That takes practice. I’m more at ease with who I am, more attentive, and yes I’ve found a stable weight and relationship with myself that feels sustainable.


What happens when you stop shaming yourself about your perceived faults and intead decide to embrace your wonderful imperfect messy self? The life you were meant to live slowly peeps through and sees the light of day. Susan’s work is not a quick fix. It’s a journey that takes commitment and love, but will improve...your life!

Sharon M. Kelley, M.D.

I have been so much less concerned about my body the past month. The constant worry about aches and pains, how do I look, how-did-I-do-this-week thoughts have eased up and left me feeling peace. I’ve purged, bought some new things I love, and have caught myself looking in the mirror some days wondering who I am. I’m not sure, but I like what I see and feel, and for that I’m so grateful. Thank you Susan and all. It’s good to do this with others and not feel so alone on the journey.

Sandi F.A.

I had tried to do my best to function as a mom and wife and "get through life", I was no way living life how it's intended. I have a lot of work left to do but I found a home with people who are just like me. They have felt a hole in their life they couldn't fill because they didn't even know why the hole was there! BARE teaches us how to be attentive to what we are feeling and why. It teaches us how to create new thoughts instead of being reactionary to our original thoughts. It teaches us about the stories we have written for our lives up to this point and how to find the lies in that story so we can seek the truth!. When you truly love yourself, you treat yourself so much differently. You sleep better, you don't turn to food to fix anything... so a natural side effect is a healthy body without dieting. You learn to do loving things for yourself, not for a transactional reason. You will learn how to truly find pleasure in your life! It amazes me that prior to BARE, how I truly looked in all the wrong places to find pleasure....yet it was all around me! In fact one of the questions that I now ask myself that is changing my life is "Does it feel like love?" That is an empowering question!Your home starts to become a sanctuary instead of a burden that stresses you out more. You begin to realize the things you have and are allowing into your life that DO make a difference, even if you don't think so. You learn to love yourself right now! You learn you don't need to hide or be ashamed anymore....that you ARE deserving and worthy! This family has been the biggest blessing to my life! Its giving me my life back! You don't know what your missing until you find your tribe! No amount of words that I could put together can ever be adequate enough to explain to Susan how much BARE means to me and so many others! The best advice I can give is.....don't give up on yourself! My home and my body...it was all a reflection of what was happening inside of me because of the story I had created based on events in my life that were out of my control! My story doesn't end there and neither does yours! Susan, I thank God for the gift of you to my life everyday!

Amber D.

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