What is BARE?

BARE is a trademarked process for women who want to look and feel amazing.

It’s all about feeling your absolute best. Strong. Healthy. Happy. Confident. Energized. Ready to take on the day.

This seven-part process was developed by Susan Hyatt, a master certified life coach, mindset and motivation expert.

Susan is celebrated around the world for her work as a coach, author, media personality, and public speaker. She’s been featured on national TV and in publications like Woman’s World, Seventeen, and O: the Oprah Magazine. Recently, she was a finalist for the Athena Award, honoring her work in the field of women’s empowerment.

Susan knows what it feels like to look at your body and intensely dislike what you see. She’s been through diet hell and body drama, weight gain and weight loss, violent sexual assault and recovery. She knows how agonizing life can feel when you’re not comfortable in your own skin.

Susan created the BARE process to help women transform their bodies and their lives. Her mission is to show women that you can take excellent care of your body, but without obsessing about your body. Finding peace and balance is possible.

What makes BARE different from similar programs and systems?

BARE is not a rigid diet, detox, cleanse, or meal plan. It’s a new approach to
your life. It’s all about liberation, not restriction.

As you move along through each step of the BARE process, you learn how to take better care of yourself. You learn how to prioritize your health and create more time for pleasure, rest, and self-care. You learn how to eat in a balanced, enjoyable, and sustainable way, rather than following a meal plan with unrealistic rules.

With each passing week, you feel lighter, clearer, stronger, more energized and confident, ready to pursue all of your exciting goals in life.


BARE leads to major transformation.

Women who complete the BARE process experience all kinds of transformations.

Emotional transformation, like finding the courage to begin a new relationship, reach for a big career opportunity, or go after a new client, grant, or scholarship.

And of course physical transformation too, like more strength, more flexibility, more energy to tackle your busy day, shedding extra weight and keeping it off permanently.


BARE is for every woman, every body, and every goal.

You want to lose weight in a sane, gradual, healthy manner? BARE is for you.

You don’t care about losing weight, you just want to feel healthier and have more energy? Great. BARE is for you, too.

You’re a teenager? You’re a new mom? You’re in your fifties, sixties, or seventies? You’re a transgender woman and exploring what your body means to you? We’re here for you. All of you. Whatever your age, size, or season of life, BARE is a community where you belong.

If you want to start taking excellent care of your health, feel mentally and physically strong, and celebrate the fact that you’re a walking miracle (aka: a WOMAN), this is your tribe. Welcome home.


It's Time

No more waiting. No more covering up.
No more shrinking. No more hiding.

The BARE book is here!
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